Hi! I'm Vija (vee-a) Kuras, and founder of Grenville Society. I'm a former Michigan gal (and I like to say a former gypsy given my Lithuanian roots and the fact that for a while I was moving yearly) who has happily abandoned my wayfaring ways and have settled in the west end of Toronto. No Matter how often I moved, or where I lived, I was always obsessed with the idea of making my house feel like home.
After helping friends and family with renovations of various sizes, I learned that I am truly passionate about making "home" a happy place for others.
Grenville Society started in 2016 with product design; goods that made people feel warm and welcome. Offerings included our original corkscrews, candles, coasters and much more. I am now excited to have expanded my brand to include interior design and staging services. 
Be it a renovation to achieve the home design of your dreams, or staging your home so that someone else sees it as the home of THEIR dreams, I'm up for the task, and look forward to working with you.
Cheers! -Vija